Welcome to AppSec CFP & CFT

We are proud to announce the dates of the second edition of OWASP AppSec Morocco & Africa in the Kingdom of Morocco/Africa, as the second try for AppSec Africa in Morocco. The event will take place on 4th October 2018 (conference and CTF) and 5th October 2018 (CTF, training and conference) October 2018, in the Imperial City of Rabat- Kingdom of Morocco/North Africa.

I hope that the OWASP community participates in the success of this first OWASP AppSec Africa event in our continent.

We need volunteers, speakers, instructors and sponsors.

This conference aim to be the second edition of OWASP AppSec Morocco & Africa conference. OWASP AppSec are true security conferences with all talks and presentations focusing on various areas of information security. Topics should focus on the technical and social aspects of security, and should not contain marketing or sales pitches.


Please submit your CFP and CFT or participate to our CTF, a new challenges based on cognitive computing and security.