Call for Training

The OWASP AppSec Morocco & Africa 2018 bring together application security experts and software engineers from all over Africa and North Africa region to openly discuss problems and new solutions in application security. This large conference offers researchers and practitioners a set of tutorials, trainings, and invited presentation


OWASP AppSec Morocco & Africa 2018 follows the OWASP Conference Policies and Code of Conducts.

Topics of interest

The topics are the same as those mentioned in the regular Call for Presentations

  1. Security aspects of new / emerging web technologies / paradigms / languages
  2. Cognitive Security, Deep Learning, predictive security
  3. Secure development : Frameworks, best practices, secure coding, methods, processes, SDLC, etc.
  4.  Owasp projects
  5. Vulnerability analysis (code review, pentest, static analysis etc
  6. Threat modelling of applications
  7. Mobile security and security for the mobile web
  8. Cloud security
  9. Browser security, local storage and HTML5 security
  10. Countermeasures for application vulnerabilities
  11. New technologies, paradigms, tools
  12. Security in web services, REST, and service oriented architectures
  13. Privacy in web apps, Web services and data storage
  14. Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis

The trainings however should be more of a practical nature, i.e. we look favorably on a hands-on training.

Important Dates 

  • Submission Deadline : August 31, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance : September 30, 2018
  • Final materials due for review : October 15, 2018
  • Workshop day: : November 15th, 2018

Submission information

To submit a proposal, please submit online (see EasyChair link below) an abstract of your intended training (500 to 4000 characters) and a brief biography (150 to 800 characters)

Any proposal submitted is subject to a democratic vote by the program committee (PC). Keep in mind: the better your description the better our picture (do not count on “fail open”). Please review your document for any mistakes prior to submission, as after approval by the PC, we take your abstract and publish it “as is” in our program.


Don’t forget

To enclose a copy of the instructor agreement

  • To list any additional technical requirements if needed

  • To propose your max number of participants


Owasp Morocco will provide the venue, marketing, registration  logistics, basic wireless internet access. (If needed additional technical arrangements, it is important to let us know. Also we like to get your idea about the maximal number participants which you like in your training).

  • Owasp Morocco will reserve up to two training slots at no cost and the trainer may reserve up to one slot at no cost.
  • Please note that for data privacy reasons, Owasp Morocco can’t provide trainers with contact information of the attendees
  • Spoken and written language is English.
  • The trainer can brand training material to increase their exposure
  • The trainer will provide class syllabus/training material

Split in revenue

  • Price per attendee: 1 day class $150 per person VAT excluded. Earnings will be split 60/40 (OWASP/Trainer) for the training class.

Program Committee Training

  • Azzeddine Ramrami: Owasp Morocco Chapter Leader

  • Tarik EL AOUADI : Owasp Morocco Chapter Co-Leader, Workshop manager

    Alae EL MESBAHI: Owasp Morocco Chapter Co-Leader, CTF manager

  • 15th November 2018
    Day 1
  • 16th November 2018
    Day 2
  • Registration & Coffee
  • Conferences in Auditorium
  • Workshop Training A Room 1
  • Workshop Training B Room 1
  • Reception & Coffee
  • Conferences in Auditorium
  • Workshop Training Room 1
  • Workshop Training Room 2