Founded in 2001, the OWASP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Bel Air, Maryland, United States with its federal ID number as: #20-0963503. OWASP community contributes to the cyber security world by defining effective ways to fight the insecure code and pushing the envelope to raise the information security awareness. “OWASP Top 10” has become the defacto standard for web application security and is referenced by numerous important standards and guidelines around the world, including the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard. Visit our global website with tons of resources, all open source and free: www.owasp.org


OWASP Morocco Cyber Security 2016 is a unique opportunity for the cyber security OEMs, solution provides, consultancy firms, service providers, distributors/VADs, training companies, government departments and universities to showcase their commitment towards innovation in the domain of cyber security to the world.


OWASP is a not-for-profit global community with over 300+ chapters across 120 countries and that is the visibility our exhibitors must expect by getting involved with OWASP.


OWASP Morocco Cyber Security 2016 is not simply an event, its a cyber security community gathering. Your presence in the right community will definitely mean alot for your brand.


OWASP Morocco event is hosted by chapter leaders from across the World including Morocco, France, spain, Canada, America ..  which is a platform like never before in the region. With a massive participation from over 1000+ cyber security professionals from across the region and other countries, your participation will make sure that your branding efforts yield you better returns.


Distributed delegates demography including decision makers, managers, auditors, evaluators, administrators and developers ensures that you influence the entire org hierarchy under a single roof and expect quick results.


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